“The day I did this piece was one of my first days working at Frome Nursing Home, and family member Philip had recently moved in. All I had that day was a pen and my notebook to make my daily notes. As I chatted with Philip, I sketched. I usually don’t use that sort of medium for my art and tend not to do realistic portraits either, it was just something fun to do together.”

Skye is a team member at Frome Nursing Home, who has a passion for art. Almost a month on from her first meeting Philip in which she produced the beautiful portraits, Skye has since forged a special bond with him.

“Phil is a right old charmer; he makes me smile every day. I’m constantly trying to keep up with him while he’s exploring. Some days I just can’t keep up,” she said.

Despite having only been at Frome Nursing Home for just over a month, Skye has fully emersed herself into the homes all-embracing culture. “I love it here. All of the family members have their own identity and are great individuals. You love everyone and we all become one large family together,” Skye explains.

The enthusiasm for the creative does not cease with visual arts, as the introduction of a keyboard into the home, organised by Skye, has been met with excitement. “Bryn (another family member at the Somerset home), told me he plays, and I can’t wait to hear!”

Skye who confesses her pride in her ‘art soul’ is working on plans to create personalised art for each of the family members. Artistically providing insight into each person’s identity and current and historical occupations to be positioned proudly around the home.

The 24th September marks ‘National Day of Arts in Care Homes’ and you can be sure that Skye will be one of the team members ensuring that Frome Nursing Home’s creative community continues to be a buzzing hive of innovation throughout.

Dutch artist Van Gogh had been famously quoted as saying, “there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people,” and it is abundantly evident that Skye’s art and sharing of it, comes from nothing but a place of love for those who live at Frome.

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