Catherine House Care Home opened its doors to the local Frome community on Saturday, January 27th, for a Craft Fair. The fair showcased the town’s talented small businesses and fostered community connections.

The Event

To start, the event which featured an array of stalls from local artisans like Helli Bakes, Bespoke Flowers Somerset, Arty Farty Crafts, and many others.

Stalls like these provided an opportunity for residents (who are fondly referred to as family members), and visitors alike to explore and support the creativity thriving within the community.


Then, to highlight the care home’s dedication to promoting community engagement, Chef Palden delighted visitors with a spread of hot dogs, burgers, and fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies throughout the day.

Chef Ben from Frome Nursing Home collaborated with SK Fruits, a local fruit and vegetable supplier, to craft delicious smoothie recipes, making them a refreshing addition to the fair.

In addition, Support and camaraderie extended beyond the care home’s walls. The team from Frome Nursing Home joined in the festivities. Embracing their “Healthy Juice January” campaign, staff from Frome Nursing Home walked the streets. Distributing freshly made juices and spreading cheer to residents and passers-by.

Furthermore, The event also saw enthusiastic participation from Sharon and Kim from Catherine House. Kim’s seven-year-old daughter also joined-in, and eagerly lent a hand in distributing smoothies and engaging with the local community. Their involvement exemplifies the intergenerational spirit and commitment to community involvement cherished by Catherine House.

Family members of Catherine House revelled in the opportunity to interact with the vibrant stalls. Embracing the chance to support local businesses and connect with their neighbours. The Craft Fair exemplified Catherine House’s ongoing commitment to fostering a strong sense of community and supporting local enterprises.


“We are thrilled to have welcomed the Frome community to our Craft Fair,” said Sherin, the Home Manager at Catherine House Care Home. Continuing, “Events like these not only showcase the incredible talent within our community but also provide invaluable opportunities for our family members to engage with their neighbours and support local businesses. We are immensely grateful for the support of Frome Nursing Home and all those who contributed to making this event a success.”

Catherine House Care Home remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing a vibrant community atmosphere and looks forward to hosting more events that bring joy and connection to residents and the wider Frome community.

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