Each year Evolve Care Group’s community chooses a narrative in order to inspire us to move forward, to improve, to be the best community that we can be.

When Alice in Wonderland was suggested as our theme, we had no idea how we could turn this story of the wild fantasies of a young girl, which at times verge on being ridiculous, in to a year-long training programme.  The origins of the story, authored by Lewis Carroll are said to arise from his questionable friendship with one Alice Liddell and her family and one of the most talked about themes is its exploration of the transition from the innocence of youth into the strange and confusing world of adolescence, which in turn leads towards adulthood.  How was this going to align with the values and behaviours of an organisation in Health and Social Care?

There in, we learnt our first lesson from this exercise.  In life we choose.  We choose what to believe. There is no evidence that Lewis Caroll had any untoward relationship – it is the inference that people chose to believe.  The story we focused on starts at the very beginning where Alice’s father is teaching her to believe that the “impossible is possible”, and that is where our stories align.

Leading the way in Achieving the Impossible in Social Care

Many of our team, in fact many of our colleagues in the sector, may choose to believe that what we are trying to achieve is impossible.  We see it as our role as the leaders of this community to ensure that we all believe that we can achieve the impossible and provide the way to do so. We see our role as enabling our community to dream, just as Alice’s father supported her to be safe, to fall asleep and to go with her dreams, knowing that with just a pinch she could wake up if needed.

People that come to live or work in social care have important dreams. However long their stay with us, those dreams are the very essence of our work.  Evolve see it as our role to capture those dreams and make them a reality for as long as we can. For our team that may mean providing an organisation where you can believe in yourself, develop skills and progress in your career in ways you never thought possible.  For our family members living with us that may mean simply capturing the moment where they connect with us and join their reality for seconds at a time. Either way, we believe that together we can add value to each other lives and become the best community that we can be.

Inspiring Community Empowerment

Alice in Wonderland provides many transferable messages from the world of fantastical forest where each creature plays its part in the narrative of life, to life in our community, where each person is a valued member with a voice that we are here to listen to.

In the end it is a simple matter whether or not you believe. Do you believe that together we can make anything happen? Do you believe that we can always do better? Do you believe that you deserve to become the best version of you?

So the Question is – do you Believe? 

If you are curious to journey down the rabbit hole of opportunity we invite you to step into the whimsical world of “The Alice Years” our year-long training programme starting with “Culture”.

If you’re eager to join our madcap team and explore the extraordinary within the realm of social care, don’t hesitate to send us a curious message. Take the leap, follow the White Rabbit of possibility, and contact us today to enquire about this fantastical job and career opportunity.