The leadership of the Evolve community are committed to ensuring that the people that choose to make our community their home, benefit from the possible care and support that we can provide. it is our intention to always do our best. We strive to maintain an open culture in order that we can discuss with partners any areas in which we can improve.

The Evolve community is unique, and therefore interacting with our community may well be a different experience when compared to interacting with other care communities. We are proud of our different approach and the opportunity these differences provide our community to improve the outcomes for our family members (service users), team members, and other stakeholders. We ask that if you are choosing to interact with our community that you respect these differences and follow our processes

Our process enables the Registered Provider, who is legally and morally accountable for this service, to maintain remote oversight of the service, including monitoring the quality of the service and, importantly, ensuring that issues identified are addressed to maintain both safety and quality.

Your interaction with our services is therefore through the Registered Provider. For that reason we have central processes which will need to be accessed in order to access the service.

To assist in understanding our different processes we have provided more detailed information on the individual homes pages linked below.