Nestled in Monmouth, Gibraltar Nursing Home recently celebrated Mother’s Day for its residents, which the home fondly refers to as family members.
The team at Gibraltar organised a delightful High Tea afternoon to mark the special occasion. Residents gathered around a beautifully decorated table filled with flowers, enjoying a variety of tasty treats. From sugar-free cupcakes for those with dietary requirements to savoury sandwiches, soups, and refreshing juices, there was something for everyone to enjoy. To add to the celebration, relatives of the residents also came to visit, making this event even more special. The background music added to the celebratory ambiance, accompanied by conversations and laughter among both residents and team members.

Tina Lucas, a member of the team shared, “it was wonderful for different Gibraltar streets coming together to celebrate the day, we call our “floors” streets as part of our household model of care, so it really did feel like a community getting together!”.Gibraltar Nursing Home’s approach to life recognises the values, beliefs and identity of each person. Each person that may need support is unique and by understanding one’s life history, and one’s journey in life, by striving to be a true continuation of home, the team at Gibraltar Nursing Home create a place where everyone feels safe and never alone.

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