Gibraltar Nursing Home in Monmouth celebrated with many activities and successful events over Coronation weekend. On Saturday, the home’s Pillars restaurant was a sight to behold, with decorations and tables laid with the colours of the kingdom and a cheering crowd as King Charles IIIRoyal Coronation set up in Gibraltar's Pillar's Restaurant was crowned. A special Coronation lunch of traditional fish and chips were served by the home manager and leadership team and was a huge hit with the residents, who are affectionately referred to as family members.

One of Gibraltar’s team members, Gabbie, who was there on Saturday said the atmosphere was amazing. “Family members from each house came down to the pillars to watch the coronation. There was music playing in the background, family members dancing and singing and everyone coming to together like one big family. Non-alcoholic wine and shandy’s were served with lots of chatting and laughing and it was just phenomenal to see so many happy faces. It was such a happy, joyful atmosphere and made me proud to be a part of Gibraltar.”

The team strive to create a true continuation of home for their family members and have purpose-built houses within the home which support different care needs. Hallways are a banned word, and instead they have turned them into streets, allowing family members to experience a unique neighbourhood within their home. The get together to watch the Coronation in the Pillar’s restaurant provided a great opportunity for the family members to socialise with people who live on different streets.

The kitchen team provided a delicious Sunday roast followed by an afternoon tea. The homes manager,Saturday's Coronation Celebration in Pillar's The Team Raise £105 with time for a cuppa fundraiserVerity Walmsley, said the celebration was a huge success and praised the kitchen team for their hard work and dedication. Finally, on Monday, the home held a cake stall to raise money for Dementia UK. The cakes were made by team members, and the home raised over £100 for the charity.

Gibraltar Nursing Home is proud to have been able to bring family members and their team together to celebrate this special event and are overjoyed with the atmosphere felt throughout the home over the weekend.

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