Gibraltar Nursing Home in Monmouth is excited to announce the completion of its new decking area designed to be a communal space where residents, fondly referred to as family members, can gather and enjoy the outdoors. Just in time for summer!

Project Lead, Doug Drummond, was honoured when Rosemarie, one of the care home’s family members, became the first

Martin cutting the rope!person to step onto the new decking. She was greeted with cheers celebrating the renovated outdoor space!

The new decking area hasn’t just been a project, but a connection opportunity for Doug, enjoying cups of tea and conversations with family members during his four weeks at the home.

Tracy Evans, a House Lead, said “I just wanted to give a huge shout out to Doug and the boys who have helped with the decking. This will make such a difference to our family members. There has been laughter and banter with some of our ladies and gents through the windows while this has been built, they have already told us their plans of how they will use this space and how happy they are. We wanted to say thank you from us all.”

Family member Martin spent weeks watching the boys at work and really wanted to wear their hat and hi-vis jacket, so they kindly gave it to him. So, it was only right to invite Martin to cut the red ribbon during the grand opening, accompanied by the acoustic ‘Ambling Band’, a 10-member group from Bristol led by Jon Rolfe.

This was a personal joy for Jon as his mother, Joan lives at Gibraltar Nursing Home.  Joan shared her thoughts of the event by commenting “it is important that people get together for gatherings, there are some people that live very lonely lives and if they can be part of something then that’s a good thing.”

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