Edenmore Nursing Home in Ilfracombe, North Devon, recently hosted a heart-warming 1940’s themed party to commemorate D-Day. This special event brought together residents (fondly referred to as family members), and team members in a nostalgic celebration that paid tribute to the fallen service men and women in Normandy.

The D-Day commemoration event was a collaborative effort, capturing the essence of the 1940s with authentic decorations, 1940’s music, and a little bit of dancing. Family members and team members dressed in polka-dots, headscarves, and khaki, with a prize awarded for the best-dressed. The home was decorated with patriotic bunting and Union Jack table cloths, evoking a feeling of life 80 years ago.

The home enjoyed for a traditional afternoon tea, within a vintage atmosphere. Edith Ozelton, a beloved family member, enjoyed a glass of Shloer, a non-alcoholic sparkling juice drink. The menu included homemade bread with jam and butter, Spam sandwiches, and of course, cake.

“Edenmore’s approach to life recognises the values, beliefs, and identity of each person,” added Home Manager Gayle Cooper. “By understanding a person’s life history and journey, we strive to support the continuation of life of our family members.” “This event was a beautiful opportunity for our community to come together and celebrate the spirit of patriotism.

D-Day 1940’s party is just one example of the many ways Edenmore Nursing Home nurtures a warm and inclusive community atmosphere.


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