Hatherleigh Nursing Home, near Okehampton had themselves an indoor picnic in celebration of national picnic day. For the event, home administrator, Tamsin Morgan dressed the dining room and tables with traditional picnic styled décor. They creatively laid each table with a layer of faux grass and plaid picnic tablecloths, centered flowers, teacups, and garden-themed bric-a-brac, bringing the fun and charm of an outdoor picnic indoors.

They laid out a range of traditional picnic foods, including cream tea, a selection of salads, sandwiches, and typical British ‘picky bits’ to tuck into. The home fondly refers to each resident as family members, and everyone was wowed by the decorations and the dining room’s transformation. They also welcomed relatives to join in and enjoy the picnic-tea with their loved ones.

Home Manager, Ashley Ryder, said “the effort Tamsin put into this event was incredible, especially for family members who can’t communicate verbally, there was a connection with the familiar sense of a picnic by running fingers through the faux grass and visually taking in the gingham tablecloths, it was an amazing day.

Hatherleigh Nursing Home’s picnic event was not only to celebrate a national day, but to highlight the importance of community and connection and to enjoy the simple joys of life.


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