Thistle Court Care Home Celebrates 50th Wedding Anniversary of Residents

Thistle Court Care Home, located in Cwmbran, recently celebrated the extraordinary 50th wedding anniversary of residents, fondly referred to as family members Marlene and Gordon Groom. And this wasn’t the... Read more

Elevating Wellness: Gibraltar Nursing Home’s in-house hair salon

Gibraltar Nursing Home based in Monmouth, South Wales, continues to redefine adult social care with its in-house hair salon, fostering a sense of community and connection for residents – fondly... Read more

Tatties For All! Sundial Care Home Sparks Joy With Burns Night Celebration

Sundial Care Home, a leading provider of compassionate elderly care in Tipton St John, East Devon recently hosted a vibrant and memorable Burns Night celebration for its team members and... Read more

Home Sweet Home: Sundial Care Home Welcomes New Furniture to its Humble Abode

Sundial Care Home recently welcomed the arrival of their new furniture from a substantial order with Berwick Care, a renowned supplier of high-quality healthcare furniture, to furnish their Care Home... Read more

East Devon Daytime Band Serenades Sundial Care Home

Sundial Care Home recently experienced a day filled with laughter, joy, and heart-warming melodies as the East Devon Daytime Band paid a visit to perform for the residents, who the... Read more

Evolve’s Care Academy #TheAliceYears

Each year Evolve Care Group’s community chooses a narrative in order to inspire us to move forward, to improve, to be the best community that we can be. When Alice... Read more

Frome Community Connect

Catherine House Care Home opened its doors to the local Frome community on Saturday, January 27th, for a Craft Fair that showcased the town's talented small businesses and fostered community... Read more

Evolve Care Group’s 2023 Annual Away Day

November 2023 Evolve Care Group celebrated its much-anticipated annual "away day," marking a heartening return to the tradition after a hiatus due to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.... Read more

St Leonard’s Riding School Seeks Support After Devastating Flooding

In a heart-wrenching blow to the community of Toton and its neighbouring areas, St Leonard’s Riding School, a cherished family run business for over six decades, has fallen victim to... Read more

Alan Edward William’s Inspirational Journey Through Valor and Service

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the Country falls silent. It is a day of reflection, a day where nations pause to remember the... Read more