In an exciting display of unity and determination, Evolve Care Group, a leading provider in adult social care, announced that 12 members of their team participated in the renowned Tough Mudder challenge this summer. The team chose to embark on this exhilarating adventure to push their limits and bond in the face of their adversities.

The event took place in Badminton Estate in South Gloucestershire, the Tough Mudder challenge spanned a gruelling 15-kilometer course laden with 30 formidable obstacles designed to test participants’ physical and mental strength. The members of Evolve eagerly accepted this challenge and prepared to push themselves to their utmost capabilities.

Among the obstacles that the team faced were heart-pounding challenges like a 40-foot vertical net climb, navigated rotating blocks weighing 500 pounds, braved a chilling -34-degree ice pit, and ran through 10,000-volt electrical wires. These courageous individuals also raced through a 48-foot long water pit with only 4 inches of air to breathe, swung across trapezes and monkey bars over water, and even crawled through a tank of tear gas.

Credit Control Lead Zak Hitchens commented “This was not only a physical challenge, but a mental one, and we really pushed ourselves outside of our comfort zones. It was great to see us work so well in a team. We all stayed together and tackled each obstacle, no one was left behind.”

As the team faced the Tough Mudder challenge head-on, their dedication to personal growth, teamwork, and community engagement shone through. Their participation illustrates the commitment that Evolve embodies in its care services.

Evolve Care Group encompasses entities providing residential, nursing, and dementia care. They operate a care academy for education and actively undertake the design and development of care homes and villages in the adult social care sector. The central support office is located in Bristol, overseeing collaboration among departments to support multiple care homes across the Southwest.

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