The Gwent Regional Partnership Board recently signed up for The Happiness Programme and paid for 100 Magic Tables to be sent to care homes across Wales. The programme offers the first-of-its-kind, interactive projector, set up by Social-Ability to improve the lives of people living with cognitive difficulties. Two care homes that are a part of Evolve Care Group, Gibraltar Nursing Home in Monmouth and Thistle Court in Cwmbran, are two of the homes that have been gifted a portable Magic Table 360.

Using ground-breaking light technology to project visions onto tables, floors, walls and ceilings, the table can be used in a group or alone and offers countless games and experiences. From social games such as playing ice hockey and football to calming activities like sweeping vibrant leaves from the ground and playing the piano; whatever the care need, meaningful occupation can be found for all family members who live there.

Verity Walmsley, Home Lead for Gibraltar Nursing Home, was delighted to hear the two homes in South Wales had been chosen to receive the tables.

We asked Verity what it means to the team to have this powerful technological tool that helps them to deliver personalised care. “We consider ourselves so lucky to have this. The family members at Gibraltar Nursing Home love the magic table and it really is so lovely to see them engaged. How much joy it’s brought in such a short time really is so special to us.”

Dementia Specialist

Evolve homes are made up of different communities known as houses to ensure family members are matched to a community that best supports their identity and care needs. “The fact the projector is on wheels means it’s perfect to wheel around the whole home,” Verity tells us. This means everyone gets to enjoy it from wherever is most comfortable for them. “The ladies in Beech House can enjoy a game of scrabble or noughts and crosses, while our family members in Riverly House enjoy watching the fish swim along the floor or the train journey right by their side, it is as if they are on the train looking out the window as the countryside rolls by.”

Thank you to the Happiness Programme, for allowing care homes to bring a little bit of magic inside.

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